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Worthing hotels afternoon tea

Worthing hotels afternoon tea

Dive into the coastal charm of Worthing, one of the largest seaside towns along this scenic stretch. Boasting sun-kissed beaches and easy access to the mesmerising South Downs, Worthing is the ideal destination for beach lovers seeking a perfect blend of coastal bliss and inland adventure.


Offering the best of all worlds, Worthing caters to families with traditional bucket and spade holidays, provides a rejuvenating mini-break for weary urbanites and sets the stage for a romantic getaway for two.


Beyond the sandy shores, Worthing unfolds as an eclectic retail hub and lively entertainment destination. The burgeoning gastronomic scene, both on the beach and tucked away in leafy avenues, showcases Worthing's artisan producers and experimental businesses, causing quite a stir in the culinary scene.


Speaking of avant-garde, the 'B' word in West Sussex brings to mind none other than Oscar Wilde, an icon of the literary world and one of Worthing's most revered residents. His bohemian spirit resonates with the town's unique character.


Nestled in the heart of West Worthing, a short stroll from the seafront, discover Orchid House—a truly distinctive destination for enthusiasts of fine food and beyond.


Taking inspiration from the eponymous flower, Orchid House exudes undeniable charm and mystique, making it a truly unique establishment. Run by the dynamic mother-daughter team, Ashley and Alex, Orchid House is their personal vision—blending grace with homeliness in an elegantly quirky space.


The menus at Orchid House are a testament to style, originality and locally sourced ingredients. Indulge in their specialty, Afternoon Tea, featuring baked goods crafted with Shipton Mill organic flour and Rookery Farm organic eggs, ensuring a taste that stands apart.


For the savoury palate, the “Sides Beside the Seaside” menu offers tempting Cicchetti, Antipasti, Messe, Charcuteries and Cheeseboards—perfect for solo enjoyment or sharing.


Orchid House sources mostly organic produce from Ashley and Alex's vertical micro-farm and garden, with seasonal menu changes reflecting the vibrant flavours. The science and art of fermentation are incorporated, showcasing the chefs' passion for enhancing flavours.


At Orchid House, it's not just about the food; it's a holistic experience. Explore the South of England with their unique all-inclusive packages, offering memorable stays, private celebrations and elegant garden parties.


Highlighting the keyword, Orchid House is the go-to for "Worthing hotels afternoon tea." Whether it's a secluded garden chalet or an elegant arbour area, the venue offers a flexible setting for various gatherings.


Worthing, beyond its coastal allure, extends a warm hospitality, attracting visitors worldwide. Orchid House goes a step further, offering exclusive all-inclusive luxury experiences for overseas guests, creating personalised itineraries showcasing the best of the area.


In a sea of culinary options, Orchid House stands out with its homemade, unpretentious gourmet flavours—a haven for foodies. The venue's stylish yet homely atmosphere lends itself to intimate dinners, celebrations and parties.


Worthing, with its vibrant cultural scene, microbreweries and festivals, is transforming into a hidden gem. Orchid House adds a chic and unique touch, making Worthing an unexpected trove of untapped treasure.


Discover this hidden gem in West Worthing, surrounded by beautiful countryside and award-winning beaches. Worthing—your new worthwhile destination awaits.

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