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Orchid House in Worthing: A gastronomic haven with elegance near the dome

A plate of lovely afternoon tea treats from the Orchid House

Enchanting seaside town on the South Coast

Worthing, an enchanting seaside town on the South Coast, beckons beach lovers and adventurers alike, offering a perfect blend of coastal charm and the captivating South Downs landscape. It caters to traditional family holidays, urban retreats, and romantic getaways. Beyond its sandy shores, Worthing thrives as a vibrant retail hub, boasting hidden gastronomic gems like Orchid House that are causing quite a stir among artisan enthusiasts and experimental connoisseurs.

Orchid House's true culinary symphony

In the heart of West Worthing, Orchid House emerges as a true culinary haven, just a short stroll from the seafront. Inspired by its namesake flower, this exceptional establishment seamlessly blends charm and mystique, making it a unique addition to Worthing's gastronomic scene. Orchid House, spearheaded by the mother-daughter duo Ashley and Alex, stands out as a testament to their vision—offering fine menus and unparalleled hospitality in a venue that exudes distinctive elegance and charm.

Savouring distinctive menus

Orchid House prides itself on undeniably stylish, different, and curiously original menus that cater to all palates. A highlight is their expertise in crafting exquisite vegan afternoon tea specialities using Shipton Mill organic flour and Rookery Farm organic eggs, providing a delightful twist to the traditional experience. The "Sides Beside the Seaside" menu tempts savoury enthusiasts with Cicchetti, Antipasti, Mezze, Charcuteries, and Cheeseboards, perfect for solo indulgence or sharing. Every dish is crafted using primarily organic produce, including ingredients sourced from Ashley and Alex's vertical micro-farm and garden. Regular menu changes reflect seasonal flavours and a touch of foraging adds an element of surprise.

Dine, celebrate, stay in elegance

Orchid House goes beyond being a dining destination; it offers a complete experience. Private hire options include a rustic garden chalet for intimate gatherings or an elegant garden party under the heated arbour area. Stunning rooms complement the dining areas, allowing guests to extend their visit with an overnight stay and relish a home-cooked breakfast. Orchid House caters to various events, from intimate celebrations to grand receptions, with professional party planners Ashley and Alex ensuring a seamless experience.

Afternoon tea worthing dome

Worthing's allure extends beyond locals, attracting foreign visitors seeking a unique blend of English seaside and countryside life. Orchid House caters to global guests, offering exclusive all-inclusive luxury experiences with personalized itineraries showcasing the best of Worthing—town, country, coastline, and, of course, gastronomy.

A culinary oasis in Worthing

Ashley and Alex's culinary prowess shines at Orchid House, where traditional and contemporary dishes are crafted with flair, flavour, and a strong emphasis on local produce. Orchid House creates a welcoming atmosphere for intimate dinners, celebrations, and parties, boasting flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to diverse gatherings. Exclusive tasting events showcase new menus and dishes, creating an ever-evolving gastronomic experience.

An afternoon tea near Worthing dome

Worthing, with its vibrant cultural scene, cocktail bars, microbreweries, and an annual festival of contemporary circus and theatre, is a town brimming with life. Orchid House enhances this vibrancy, making Worthing an unexpected trove of untapped treasure on the South Coast. With its restored Art Deco pier, unique parish features, uncrowded beaches, and the chic addition of Orchid House, Worthing emerges as an intimate and alluring destination worth exploring.

Afternoon tea Worthing dome just a few mintes drive away

Embark on a journey to discover this hidden gem in West Worthing, surrounded by picturesque countryside and award-winning beaches. Orchid House has redefined Worthing, making it a new, worthwhile destination, inviting you to savour the unique blend of elegance and gastronomy it offers.

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